Erika Takacs
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I was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania, and currently reside in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada.

In my childhood I spent many wonderful hours in my woodcarver uncle's studio, where I was able to observe the transformation of the material during the creative process. I often picked up his hand tools to carve small functional objects.

My sculptural journey started in Toronto through developing skills in clay building techniques and pottery at George Brown College, The Gardiner Museum and Studio on the Hill. My main interest became the human figure.

Years later me and my family moved out of the city. I started experimenting with paper mache and became intrigued by its challenging nature. Today I work exclusively in paper mache.

I draw inspiration from many sources, including history, mythology and everyday subjects that offer possibilities for reflection, questioning and existentialist wonderings. The figures I create are essentially symbols. Although my modelling is somewhat realistic, my main objective is not anatomically correct rendering, but to pursue fleeting moments and states of being.

Through form and gesture - often altered, distorted or exaggerated - I aim to capture and uncover shards of the mysterious substance without a name buried deep in human consciousness in the realm of dream-reality that we all aware of. It lingers about the cave walls of Lascaux and Altamira, the rich forms of the Willendorf Venus, the mysterious cycladic figurines, the marble statues of the Hellenistic period, the paintings and sculptures of Renaissance and modern masters. Lost for words, we may call it a magical or sublime experience. It overwhelmes with awe, upheaval, elation and even pain not connected in any way to our daily lives. It is the rare union of our rational and emotional being, a heightened state of awareness that makes us forget boundaries and limitations.

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